About Dave

Dave Tyler
CNHP Cert. HCS NLP Master

I spent the first part of my career working internationally as a trainer, consultant, senior manager and accountant for various organizations.
I qualified as a natural health practitioner (C.N.H.P.) in 2000 and also interned at the Gabriola Haven Institute & earned my counselling certificate (Cert. HCS). Having recently completed the Miruspoint Prime Potential training, I am now at the mentorship stage.                                                           http: //www.miruspoint.com/site/about-us/our-facilitators.html#Dave_Tyler

I practice various holistic health modalities and counselling in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

• Client focused
• Good value $
• Fast results

Satisfaction with your first visit is Guaranteed !
If, after your first session, you believe that you have not received sufficient benefit, I will refund your fee. (Satisfied clients also need to do their part to ensure the changes last ! )

The Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners http://www.canadianexaminingboard.com/aboutus.htm

The governing body that approved my designation as a C.N.H.P.
Certified Natural Health Practitioner.

The Haven Institute http://www.haven.ca/ http://www.haven.ca/resources/the-haven-models.html

A great place to learn about healthy relationships and effective communicating.
Haven Certificate in Counselling Skills HCS

Contact me. dave @ wholisticks.com


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