Poem – Cobwebs

On a gray morning

I spied a Cobweb

With hanging threads

   Weaving mystery

After the Rain

Silken drops glistened

Moving, dangling, sparkling

   Moist tear drops

Now the sun

Lights each thread

Making sparkling messages

   Heartfelt rainbows

We meet here

Our lives entwine

Dancing, laughing, crying

   Connected webs

Threads weave together

Our tear drops pool

And our souls shine

   Golden Alchemy

Dave Tyler  

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2 Responses to Poem – Cobwebs

  1. johnnypistola says:

    Black Widow,

    Your parent so apparent in your fabric and design
    yet not the web weaved for the likes of mere metal
    your promise of adventurous desire, so intensely met
    yet quickly succumb to your want and need.

    As we now rust, sated by your venom
    does my soul yet dwell… somehow muted in you
    or am I vacant within your timeless soul
    your intended victim, thus…
    so simply, dispassionately dispatched.

    Pistola, 2012

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