Stress Reduction Technique

Breathing Meditation

When we get stressed our breathing becomes very shallow and more rapid.

To change this, begin by noticing each in and out breath.  Just watching the flow of the breath will bring you back  into the present.

When you are ready, sit or lie down comfortably, hands relaxed, eyes closed. Spend a few minutes settling your body, noticing any tight spots and letting go with each out breath. Continue reading

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Poem – Cobwebs

On a gray morning

I spied a Cobweb Continue reading

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Do you want a better life?


This article will help you evaluate the present state of your life & health and provide you with the first 3 steps to getting unstuck.

First check out your current feelings about your life:

The Feelings Zone
Despair ..Disappointed.. Dis-satisfied..                                                                    Sad.. Mad.. Frustrated.. Angry                                 —–                                      Satisfied ..  Content..  Happy..   Fulfilled ..  Joy

Which type of feeling do you have right now?   You may want to add more feelings to label exactly how you feel. Continue reading

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